Creators Bio

Esme started writing when she was 12 years old. What she wrote then will never be suitable for human consumption, but some people reckon a bit of the stuff after that was pretty good. Son of Songs is one of those things.

The first comic Esme drew and wrote was about her and her friend kidnapping musicians and holding them hostage until they’d do a festival for her. It wasn’t very good (she was 16). So Esme stopped doing comics.

What happened then was that she went to the University of East Anglia, where she got a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing, and as she was wondering what to do between then, going to Thailand and studying for her teaching qualification, Joe showed her some pictures, and they decided they’d do a comic. It seemed like a great idea, mostly because Esme wouldn’t be drawing it.

It took nearly 2 and a half years to write Son of Songs. During that time Esme went to Thailand to teach, published a novel, and became an English teacher.

Esme’s writing style is what she would like to call ‘organic’ but what is probably better known as ‘bashing a tonne of words down without planning it’. She likes to focus on character and symbolism, and writes stories around characters that are fully formed and truly real (at least to her). All work is typed, then printed, then edited on paper. Often some wine is consumed if there’s going to be a sad part. Often there is a lot of cursing and shouting at the screen. But eventually, the job gets done.

Son of Songs is the first comic Esme’s written. It was written in a script form, not panel by panel, to allow freedom for both parties. The script is in present tense and is visually descriptive. After writing, the chapter is edited, then sent on, after which plot lines are smoothed out and stuff gets done.

Joseph started drawing from a young age. His first recorded drawing is of his own mother, but stylised as an oversized owl. He was 4 years old.

After some years, Joseph was introduced to Esme in their college years, and a firm friendship bound due to their passion of science fiction and creativity. On a warm day in a coffee shop in York, Esme asked Joseph if he wanted to work on a comic together. After drawing a picture of the comics first character “Enfant Robo”, Son of Songs was born. It seemed like a great idea, mostly because Joseph wouldn’t be writing it.

Joseph went to the University of Huddersfield, where he got a BA Hons in Multimedia Design. During that time, Joseph got to grips for motion graphics and audio editing programs, and he was certain to introduce this learning into Son of Songs, to create a new dynamic type of comic.

Joseph creative flair is where he likes to experiment with limitations in design, colour and style of drawings. Son of Songs is Joseph’s platform for such experiments, while combining them with storytelling techniques.

Son of Songs is the first large comic project created by Joseph. As its written in script form, rough panels are drawn, and then sent for review. Once green lit, the rest of the creative process of bringing the pages to life begins and stuff gets done.

Joseph is very fond of his own name.